The 1st Annual Pot Fest Montreal

From its earliest days, Montreal has been known for its open-mindedness, tolerance and joie de vivre.

Over the last several decades, the city has made its mark as a world-leader in the production of high-quality marijuana and other cannabis products.

This reputation will only be enhanced as Canada enters a new era and illogical restrictions on personal freedom are rightfully left by the wayside.

Canada's federal government has pledged to legalize marijuana for adult use in the very near future, and steps are already being taken to mainstream the sale, marketing, cultivation and distribution of products associated with medical and recreational use of marijuana.

It seems only fitting then, that Montreal should be at the centre of this move toward the normalization and mainstreaming of a product that is regularly consumed by more than 30% of North American adults, a number that will rise to an estimated 45% or more with legalization.

In this spirit of progress and tolerance, Perennial Events, creators of the hugely successful Lobster Clam Jam, Dog Fest Montreal and The Pizza Week have teamed up with Prohibition, Montreal's leading smoking accessories retailer to bring you the First Annual Pot Fest Montreal.

Perennial Events and Prohibition have created a vehicle for entrepreneurs and industry leaders to inform and educate the public about this breakout industry.

Part trade show, part celebration, Pot Fest Montreal will feature exhibitions and demonstrations from over 50 industry-related merchants and businesses.

Licensed Producers
Seed Companies

Nutrient Suppliers
Fertilizer Suppliers
Hydroponic Equipment Manufacturers

Medical Clinics
Health Providers
Wellness Providers

When and Where

To Be Announced


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